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You left without saying goodbye


I regret that I don’t visit you often

I never thought that you are in great  pain,

You never show your weakness to anyone,

I have no idea that you are suffering and fighting alone in this miserable world,

You always smile till your very last breath

I hope you meet your cute little one

And you will be happy forever

Rest in peace my dear love I will never forget your words.


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I hate you, but I love you


I hate every time I see you coming near me

I know I will always get lectured from you

I always want to avoid you

But you know me well and never let go of me

You want to correct me every time

When you see me going and doing wrong and disgusting thing

I hate you for speaking directly to me which hurts me a lot and I feels worst

But now you are gone

I know you love me so much

You don’t want me to become an eyesore and pain in the butts to others

So you do and say what you do

To make sure I live a better life in this world

You don’t want people to look down on me

You treat and correct me with hard ways

You know well I am hurt every time you lecture me

I learn a lot from you

And I love you

I hope you know it

That you are my closes friend and family

Even though you are no longer with me.

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I am a wolf


My close friends don’t know the real me

I make up stories to make them believe me

No one knows what I am thinking

Because I don’t let them know the real me

I never show them what I feel and think

I smile a lot and they think I am happy

I hide everything from them

I am a masked girl

My real Identity was hidden from them

My friends thought they know me

They thought I am sweet and kind

But the real me the girl under the mask “ I am a wolf”

Ready to hurt the one I’m close with

I backstabbed them

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My True Color


My true colour is so dark black and stinky,

Even I myself can’t stand the poisonous deadly smells

That comes from my soul.

It’s so horrible that I am afraid of myself,

I know I am trapped and I can’t escape.

It’s killing me every time I see how ugly I became in these 6 years.

My soul has a pitch dark, scary hole in it

and I can’t stop the darkness swallowing me faster and faster.

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Useless Me


You useless!

You’re existing only wasting spending our income

Look at another girl how good they are with work and studies

You do nothing good

You’re lazy and slow

Unable to do anything good

You’re unable to get jobs

Because you’re stupid


Everything I tried to be what they want me to be

They cannot see

They will only find fault

and show my weakness from what others can do

I am tired to be compared with my neighbours’ and others people

I have my own personality and they have their own

What’s wrong with that for being myself

I understand I am not a daughter they want

If I am a thing they have a long time throw me away

They were tired of me as well

They regret having a useless daughter like me

I am tired of living.